2017-2018 regular season (winter-spring selection) competition results

We are happy to announce the winners of American Fine Arts Festival Competition in piano, strings, winds, voice & chamber music categories for the 2017-2018 season (Winter-Spring selection). This year, the level of the competition was exceptionally difficult, with over 400 students partaking in the festival. We would like to thank everyone who participated, to extend our congratulations on your impressive achievements, and encourage those who did not win this year to re-apply for during the next audition. Last but, most certainly, not least, we would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers who worked tirelessly to prepare their students for this season’s auditions.

    • Recital Fee: $350. This fee includes participation in the concert, five guest tickets, 4 digital pictures, Certificate of Excellence and Diploma of Recognition for the teacher.
    • The Recital fee for ensembles is $250/person.
    • Please make checks payable to Art & Music Unlimited,
      and send it to American Fine Arts Festival, P.O. Box 106, Holmdel, NJ 07733.
    • The Deadline is May 5, 2018
    • The recital fee is non-refundable.
    • Detailed information about the winners’ concert will be emailed to the winners after May 15, 2018

      Weill Rectal Hall


      • June 3, 2018 at 7:30pm (Limited placements)

      • June 9, 2018 at 7:30pm (The concert is complete)

      • June 23, 2018 at 1pm (The concert is complete)

      • June 24, 2018 at 1pm (The concert is complete)

      • September 22, 2018 at 1pm (The concert is complete)

      • October 14, 2018 at 7:30pm

      • October 21, 2018 at7:30pm


      Leanna Bai, piano, MA
      Ajita Bala, violin, NY
      Eunha Basu, piano, MA
      Michelle Bi, piano, CA
      Sophie Bi, piano, CA
      Garrett Blosen, piano, CA
      Xiang Cai, piano, CA
      Alexander M. Campos, NY
      Benjamin Frank Chan, piano, MA
      Ethan Chan, piano, PA
      Megan Chan, piano, PA
      Emma Chang, piano, CA
      Angela Chen, piano, CA
      Carter Chen, piano, CA
      Daria Chen, piano, CA
      Hannah Chen, piano, CA
      Andrew Chen, piano, MA
      Annabella Chen, piano, MA
      Catherine Chen, piano, MA
      Elaine Chen, piano, MA
      Erica Cheng, piano, CA
      Emily Cheng, piano, MA
      Joshua Cheng, piano, MA
      Matthew Chin, piano, CA
      Chris Choi, piano, CT
      Odelia Chong, piano, CA
      Harrison Chou, viola, CA
      Joy Chu, piano, CA
      Trent Chu, piano, CA
      Danika Dai, piano, MA
      Jade Dai, piano, MA
      Tarini Dasari, piano, MA
      Catherine DeMario, viola, NJ
      Chinmay Deshpande, piano, NY
      Jennifer Do-Dai, piano, MA
      Ava Ekiefaie, piano, CA
      Leon Fan, piano, MA
      Jerry Fang, piano, PA
      Alysa Feng, piano, CA
      Angela Feng, piano, MA
      Shreya Ganti, piano, CA
      Isaac Graylin, piano, MA
      Alexander Greer, piano, PA
      Justin Gu, piano, MA
      Katherine Gu, piano, MA
      Amy Guo, piano, CA
      Ashley Guo, piano, CA
      Caden Guo, piano, CA
      Elaine Guo, piano, CA
      Johnson Guo, piano, CA
      Joshua Hao, piano, CA
      Camilla Hayao, piano, MA
      Claire Howard, piano, CA
      Harrison Hsu, piano, CA
      Hillary Hsu, piano, CA
      Terrence Hu, piano, CA
      Fiona Huang, piano, CA
      Sophie Huang, piano, CA
      Edward Huang, piano, CA
      Micha Hughes, violin, NY
      Emma Illidge, piano, MA
      Ishya Jalla, piano, CA
      Flora Jin, piano, CA
      Lixuan Jin, piano, MA
      Emily Kang, piano, MA
      Remedy Kaplan, piano, CA
      Solace Kaplan, piano, CA
      Imaan Kashim, violin, Great Britain
      Zoe Ko, piano, CA
      Abhishek Krishnan, piano, CA
      Tiffany Kwok, piano, CA
      Nicole Lam, piano, CA
      Michael Law, piano, CA
      Evan Le, piano, CA
      Vincent Le, piano, CA
      Daniel Lee, piano, MA
      Vivian Lee, violin, NY
      Nicole Leonidov, violin, VA
      Sabeline Lesokhin, piano, NY
      Maya Leung, piano, NY
      Jennifer Lew, piano, CA
      Charlotte Lew, violin, CA
      Althea li, piano, CA
      Madeleine Li, piano, MA
      Oliver Li, piano, MA
      Avery Li, piano, NY
      Kevin Lin, piano, CA
      Erin Liu, flute, CA
      Jason Liu, piano, CA
      Jiazheng Elvis Liu, piano, CA
      Lianlian Liu, piano, CA
      Samantha Liu, piano, CA
      Isabella Liu, piano, MA
      James Liu, piano, MA
      Naomi Liu, piano, NY
      Tyler Lu, piano, CA
      Norman Lu, piano, MA
      Wesley Luh, viola, CA
      Andrea Ma, cello, CA
      Emily Ma, piano, MA
      Olivia Ma, piano, MA
      Rachel Mathew, voice, MA
      Isabel Mavrides, violin, NY
      Charles Mazof, piano, MA
      Arya Mehran, piano, CA
      Neeka Mehran, piano, CA
      Leia Mitwalli, voice, CT
      Jonathan Mong, piano, NY
      Elizabeth Moshkevich, piano, NJ
      Sabrina Nguyen, piano, CA
      Evan Ning, piano, MA
      Junyao Pan, piano, CA
      Lucia Papikian, voice, MA
      Nishka Parikh, piano, MD
      Joshua Park, piano, CA
      Jubilee Park, piano, CA
      Matthew Parrella, piano, MA
      Charlene Pau, piano, CA
      Olivia Peng, piano, PA
      Anisha Prakash, piano, MA
      Elizabeth Qian-Tsuchida, piano, MA
      Anson Quon, piano, CA
      Sahana Ramesh, piano, MD
      Jay Rana, piano, NJ
      Renee J. Roberts, violin, MD
      Catherine Ruan, piano, CA
      Denis Ryabovol, violin, NH
      Nicole Savitsky, piano, NY
      Benjamin Shaar, piano, MA
      Andrea Shang, piano, MA
      Stephanie Shao, piano, CA
      Agnes Shen, piano, MA
      Alyssa Shen, piano, MA
      Andrew Shen, piano, MA
      Julia Shi, piano, PA
      William Shi, piano, PA
      Katherine E Song, violin, MD
      Raine Soriano, piano, CA
      Kathy Su, piano, CA
      Kelvin Su, piano, CA
      Jerry Sun, piano, CA
      Ruixin Sun, piano, CA
      Claire Tang, piano, MA
      Ningxin Tao, piano, CA
      Sara Tardif, piano, MA
      Richard Tian, piano, MA
      Yufei Tian, piano, MA
      Katie Tian, piano, NY
      Caroline Ting, piano, MA
      Louie Tsai, violin, CA
      Benjamin Tseng, piano, CA
      Yasmeen Tsipena, piano, CA
      Anthony Tu, piano, IL
      Zoe Tweten, piano, CA
      Michael Varshavskiy, piano, NJ
      Alice Wang, piano, CA
      Matthew Wang, piano, CA
      Seraphini Wang, piano, CA
      Vincent Wang, piano, CA
      Jasmine Wang, piano, MA
      Xing Han Wang, piano, MA
      Aaron Wang, piano, NY
      Lyons Wang, piano, NY
      Alina Watson, piano, NY
      Maya Watson, piano, NY
      Lan Wei, piano, CA
      William Wang, piano, MA
      Esther Wu, piano, CA
      Jessica Wu, piano, MA
      Margaret Wu, piano, PA
      Karina Wugang, piano, VA
      Adrienne Xiao, piano, CA
      Shu Yang Xie, piano, CA
      Lily Xing, piano, MA
      Jiayi Xu, piano, CA
      Hanbo Xu, piano, CA
      Brandon Yan, piano, CA
      Angela Yan, piano, MA
      Rachel Yan, piano, MA
      Alexander Yang, piano, MA
      Joshua Yap, piano, CA
      Julia Yee, piano, MA
      Charlize Yee, piano, NY
      Kelvin Yuan, piano, VA
      Katherine Zeng, piano, MA
      Allison Zhang, piano, CA
      Carissa Zhang, piano, CA
      Jiatong Zhang, piano, CA
      Alan Zhang, piano, MA
      Amelia Zhang, piano, MA
      Michelle Zhang, piano, MA
      Powell Zhang, piano, MA
      Ronnie Zhang, violin, CA
      Katie Zhao, piano, NY
      Connie Zhao, piano, VA
      Daniel Zheng, piano, CA
      Bryan Zheng, piano, MA
      Mabel Zhong, piano, CA
      Haotian Zhong, piano, MA
      George Zhou, piano, CA
      Emily Zhou, piano, MA
      Alice Zhou, piano, NY


      Ensemble groups

      Katie and Eric Koh, piano duet, CA
      Jubilee and Joshua Park, piano duet, CA
      Joy Ding / Alexander Sequin, violin & guitar duet, MA
      Evan Meyer, piano / Joy Ding, violin / Jonah Covell, cello, piano trio, MA
      Misha Hughes / Ajita Bala / Vivian Lee / Daniel Lee / Isabel Mavrides / Analise Chen, violin’s sextet, NY
      Amy and Ashley Guo, piano duet, CA


    • Recital Fee: $330. This fee includes participation in the concert, five guest tickets, 4 digital pictures, Certificate of Excellence and Diploma of Recognition for the teacher.
    • Please make checks payable to Art & Music Unlimited,
      and send it to American Fine Arts Festival, P.O. Box 106, Holmdel, NJ 07733.
    • The Deadline is May 5, 2018
    • The recital fee is non-refundable.
    • Detailed information about the winners’ concert will be emailed to the winners after May 15, 2018

      June 30, 2018 at 6pm


      Lauren Alley, violin, NJ
      Sophia Cheng, piano, CA
      Annie Chui, piano, CA
      Abbie Deng, piano, MA
      Emilia Deng, piano, MA
      Elyssa Duggan, voice, PA
      Digang Fan, piano, CA
      Shizhe Fan, piano, CA
      Daniel Guzman, piano, MD
      Ahana Jashi, piano, NJ
      Hannah Jeong, violin, MD
      Eon Jeong, violin, MD
      Ahana Joshi, piano, NJ
      Nicole Leonidov, violin, VA
      Jiajie Lin, piano, CA
      Vanessa Liu, piano, CA
      Jacob Makar-Limanov, voice, MA
      Artyom Martirosyan, voice, MA
      Elizabeth Morgievich, violin, NJ
      Yiyi Ouyang, cello, CA
      Jay Rana, cello, NJ
      Alex Tang, piano, MA
      Ethan Tieu, piano, CA
      Angelika Tzioumis, violin, VA
      Nancy Tzioumis, violin, VA
      mahi Vakil, piano, NJ
      Esther Wu, voice, CA
      Jiakai Xu, piano, CA
      Angela Yang, violin, VA
      Grace Yang, violin, VA
      Wanqing Zhou, piano, CA
      XinYue Zhou, piano, CA


      Natalia Akopian
      Ruzanna Akopjan
      Marina Alekseyeva
      Victoria Avetisian
      Lilit Babayan
      Craig Bate
      Julia Bernstein
      Dmitry Borisovsky
      Magdolna Bornemisza
      Irina Brener
      Jeffrey Campbell
      Olga Chala
      Hsuan-Ya Chen
      Zhanna Chernyakova
      Amy Chiu
      Hye Eun Choi
      Sue Dearing
      John Enz
      Joanna Ezrin
      Ruzanna Faramazyan
      Niva Fried
      Marine Geladze
      Marina Genina
      Svetlana Gorokhovich
      Viktoria Grigoreva
      Fei Guo
      Natalia Hanukai
      David Hodakins
      Lesia Houk
      Amy Huang
      Yin Yin Huang
      Susanna Israyelyan
      Tiffany Jones
      Romana Kalyoncu
      Yelena Khaydarov
      Galina Khutoryansky
      Yeji Kim
      Joy M. Kiszely
      Vera Klepikov
      lilia Kochetova
      Marina Konovalova
      Margarita Kotlyarova
      Dr. Irina Koulikova
      yiyi Ku
      Gayaneh Kumar
      Mark Lakirovich
      Tatyana Levina
      Yingwen Lewis
      Fan Li
      Jan C. Li
      Tien S. Li
      Lin Lin
      Leon Livshin
      Marina Lo
      Elena Makarova
      Natela Mchedlishvili
      Sueanne Metz
      Rita Mikulinsky
      Irina Morgan
      Dr. Dmitri Nazarenko
      Marina Obukovsky
      Andrew Park
      Yevgeniy Perebeyev
      Jason Son Phu
      Olga Popova
      Arlene Portney
      Maryam Pourmalek-Mehran
      Galina Prilutskaya
      Anna Rozovsky
      Ellen Sargisian
      Irirna Shachneva
      Sandra Shen
      Dorothy Shi
      Nilly Epstein Shilo
      Lawrence Shubert
      Anton Smirnov
      Larisa Solovyova
      Anahit Sevoyan
      Bohan Sung
      Yumin Tsai
      Vivian Tsang
      Bella Hui-hsin Tseng
      Rouzan Vanesian
      Helena Vesterman
      Li Wang
      Yu Wang
      Man-Mei Wu
      Claudia Xi
      Tian Yu Yang
      Claudia Yun Xi
      Ethan YiDong
      Liu Dun Ying
      Wei-san Yue
      Andrew Zador


The Festival Committee would like to welcome everyone to the 15th 2017-2018 Season of the American Fine Arts Festival (AFAF). We’re happy to once again be able to provide talented young people in the United States and across the globe the opportunity to further their musical education and the chance to perform at some of the best concert halls in the country.

Our Regular Season Program

The regular program of our 15th Season begins with a round of in-person auditions which are taking place in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, California as well as Beijing, China. Students who are not able to audition in person can submit a Hi-Fi VHS videocassette or DVD recording of their audition by mail. In addition to our regular Winners’ Concert Series performance venues — Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Yamaha Piano Salon and the Dicapo Opera Theater Concert Hall, this season features last year’s popular venue — The Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center. Winners’ Concerts are scheduled to take place in March-October 2018. more ››


Regular Season 2011-2012  Special Prize Winner

Angel Wang, Piano, CA is 9 y.o. As a Special Prize winner of American Fine Arts Festival. In collaboration with the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, Angel was invited to perform at Moscow’s concert hall on October 14th, 2012

Summer Music Courses in Europe

Our summer program offers music students an exciting opportunity to study music in Europe under the tutelage of a distinguished international faculty comprised of experienced teachers and renowned chamber musicians and soloists, as well as to explore Europe’s rich history through a variety of trips and excursions. Information about the 2018 Summer Music Courses in Europe will be available soon, but you’re welcome to check out last year’s guide to get a sense of the program’s offerings.  more ››



For More Information

Please check back with this site throughout the year for up-to-date information on audition and concert dates, as well as application forms and other important information. We hope you will join us for another unforgettable season!