We are happy to announce the winners of American Fine Arts Festival Competition in piano, strings, winds, voice & chamber music categories for the 2021 season (Summer selection). We would like to thank everyone who participated, to extend our congratulations on your impressive achievements, and encourage those who did not win this year to re-apply during the next audition. Last but, most certainly, not least, we would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers who worked tirelessly to prepare their students for this season’s auditions.

    • The concerts will take place in the 2022-2023 season.

    • Recital Fee: $400. This fee includes participation in the concert, five guest tickets, 4 digital pictures, Certificate of Excellence and Diploma of Recognition for the teacher.

    • Time limit for performance is 7 minutes.

    • Please make checks payable to Art & Music Unlimited, and send it to American Fine Arts Festival, P.O. Box 106, Holmdel, NJ 07733.

    • The Deadline is July 27, 2021.

    • The recital fee is non-refundable.


      Angelina Ge, piano, CA
      Haoqing Ye, piano, CA
      Maya Wang, piano, MA
      Seo Young Lee, piano, MA
      Benjamin Kim, piano, CA
      Yui Puttkammer, violin, MD
      Melody Chang, piano, CA
      Julia Lee, piano, Canada
      Amy Zhang, piano, China
      Julia Huang, piano, MI
      Hailey Ho, piano, MA
      Cosima Ho, piano, NY
      Christine Wang, piano, CA
      Charlotte Lew, piano, CA
      Parker Renshaw, violin, MI
      Cameron Renshaw, cello, MI
      Vincent Wang, piano, CA
      Elizabeth Wang, piano, CA
      Jason Xi, piano, OH
      Avery M Jiang, piano, MA
      Valentin Ermakow, piano, Russia


      Yingwen Lewis
      Dr. Lin Lin
      Sang Young Kim
      Lya Stern
      Dr. Judy Huang
      Yu Wang
      Arthur Greene
      Felicia Campbell
      Marina Alexander
      Tina Renshaw
      Pablo Mahave-Veglia
      Anton Smirnov