We’re pleased to announce the winners of our international string competition, the AFAF Golden Strings of America 2011. This competition was open to string players of all nationalities, as well as string duos, trios and quartets. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and encourage those who did not win this year to try again during our next season.


Age Groups

A. 6-10 years of age
B. 11-14 years of age
C. 15-18 years of age
D. college students
E. amateur adults



Elisa Yi, Violin, NY, USA
Katya Tsukanova, Violin, London, Russia/England


Justin Lee, Violin, GA, USA
Zlatomir Fung, Cello, MA, USA
Derek Louie, Cello, NY, USA
Evelyn Mo, Violin, VA, USA
Emma Sophie Moore, VA, USA


Angela Kim, Violin, NJ, USA
Byron Fan, Violin, CA, USA
Daniel Temnik, Violin, Ontario, Canada
Gloria Liou, Violin, CA, USA
Sarah Clarice Ghandour, Cello, CA, USA


Hattie Ahn, Violin, MI, USA
Joanne Wong, Violin, Singapore, Singapore
Kevin Bishop, Viola,CA, USA / Sean Fisher, Cello, CA, USA
Ilya Dobrovitsky, Violin, MD, USA


Jay Song, Cello, Seoul, Korea


Yan Lan Xu, Violin, VA, USA


Sean Lim, Violin, VA, USA
Veronica Merril, Violin, VA, USA
Jaewoo Kim, Violin, Korea
Helen Lee, Violin, CA, USA


Justin Kim, Violin, CA, USA
Han Ping, Violin, Bejing, China