We’re happy to announce the winners of our international vocal competition, Golden Voices of America 2011. Participation in Golden Voices of America 2011 was open to vocalists of all nationalities, as well as vocal duets, trios, quartets and other vocal groups.

1st Place Winners Recital
Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, February 18, 2012, at 1:30pm


Age Categories


A. 6-8 years of age
B. 9-10 years of age
C. 11-12 years of age
D. 13-15 years of age
E. 16-18 years of age
F. Adult

Repertoire categories


  • Category 1

  • Category 2
    Musical Theater/Disney/Broadway/Jazz



We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and encourage those who did not win this year to try again during our next season.


Category 1 – Solo

Laura Douglas, NY, USA
Nikole Naloy, NY, USA

Stephanie Harris, CO, USA
Neha Nuguru, CA, USA
Kaylah Paquette, Ontario, Canada
Giovanna Bruno, NJ, USA
Caitlin Hale Daniels, TX, USA
Tatiana Malykh, MD, USA
Grant Bower, TX, USA

Francesca Begos, CT, USA
Sarah Barham, MD, USA
Michael Williams, TX, USA
Nikhita S. Iyar, CA, USA
Steven Ciasallo, CT, USA

Ken Kuroda, CA, USA
Laura Virella, NY, USA
Kevin McAdoo, CT, USA
Alesia Fitzpatrick, NY, USA
Deborah Connelly, CT, USA


Category 1 – Duets

Kaylah Paquette / Andrea Christakakos, Ontario, Canada
Neha Nuguru / Nikhita S. Iyar, CA USA
Nikhita S. Iyar / Ken Kuroda, CA, USA

Category 2 – Solo

Stevie Elena Michel, TX, USA

Cathryn Aman, NJ, USA

Brenna Whitten, TX, USA
Petra Jarrar, CT, USA
Magdalyn Chauby, NY, USA
Isha Madan, PA, USA
Shelby Gyger, TX, USA
Neha Nuguru, CA, USA
Shyama Nithiananda, TX, USA

Sarah Barham, MD, USA
Hannah Untereiner, MD, USA
Nikhita S. Iyar, CA, USA
Kayla Perkins, TX. USA

Roland R. Davis, NY, USA


Category 2 – Duets

Nikhita S. Iyar / Ken Kuroda, CA, USA