“A heartwarming extravaganza…
[featuring] obviously talented,
budding musicians…”

-Harris Goldsmith, NY Concert Review

We are happy to announce the winners of American Fine Arts Festival Competition in piano, strings, winds & voice categories for the 2014-2015 season. We would like to thank everyone who participated, to extend our congratulations on your impressive achievements, and encourage those who did not win this year to re-apply for during the next season. Last but, most certainly, not least, we would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers who worked tirelessly to prepare their students for this season’s auditions.

      Concert Dates:


      May 30, 2015 at 8:00pm (the concert is complete)

      June 14, 2015 at 7:30pm (the concert is complete)

      September 26, 2015 at 1:00pm (the concert is complete)

      October 17, 2015 at 1:00pm

      November 14, 2015 at 1:00pm

      December 13, 2015 at 11:00am


      Abigail Avin, piano, MA
      Abigail Siegel, piano, RI
      Adrian Cheung, violin, MD
      Albert Chen, piano, IL
      Alexander Shi Jin, piano, MA
      Alison Jiang, piano, NY
      Amy Hou, piano, China
      Amy Sun, piano, PA
      Anastasia Hronis, piano, Australia
      Andrea Kohler, piano, MA
      Andrew Ni, piano, NJ
      Andrew Shi, piano, MA
      Andrew Zhang, piano, MD
      Andy Zhou, piano, CA
      Angela Song, piano, MA
      Anjali Jerath, piano, NJ
      Anna Yatskova, piano, MA
      Annabella Chen, piano, MA
      Anthony R. Zhao, piano, MA
      Arthur Oung, cello, CA
      Ashley Chen, piano, MA
      Athena Sun, piano, MA
      Atsuo Chiu, piano, CA
      Avik Sarkar, piano, MA
      Barbara Xiong, piano, TN
      Benjamin Shaar, piano, MA
      Benjamin Young, piano, PA
      Bennet Huang, cello. CA
      Bethany Huang, piano, CA
      Yu-Hsin Lin, piano, CA
      Brian Li, piano, CA
      Bushra Hasan, piano, NJ
      Charlize Yee, piano, NY
      Christopher Saba, piano, NC
      Christopher Yee, piano, NY
      Cindy Chen, piano, NY
      Claire Lee, piano, VA
      Claudia Meyer, piano, MA
      Connor Roham, piano, CA
      Crystal Wang, piano, NJ
      Daniel Lee, violin, NY
      Daniel Xia, piano, NJ
      Danielle Senderovich, piano, NY
      David Guzman, piano, MD
      David Ji, piano, CA
      David Lam, violin, VA
      David Orloff, NY
      Diane Yang, piano, NY
      Dorkhan Chang, piano, PA
      Dorothy Low, piano, NY
      Dov Tung, piano, CA
      Egor Tarasyuk, piano, NJ
      Ekaterina Petrova, piano, Russia
      Elaine Zhang, piano, MA
      Elayne Chen, piano, MA
      Eliza Podvalny, piano, NY
      Elizabeth Jones, piano, NY
      Elizabeth Moshkevich, piano, NJ
      Elizabeth Raczkowski, voice, NY
      Elizabeth Xia, piano, CT
      Emily Chen, piano, MA
      Emily Wu, piano, PA
      Emma Saba, piano, NC
      Eric Zhu, piano, NJ
      Ethan Chan, piano, PA
      Ethan Chen, piano, MD
      Ethan Gu, piano, China
      Ethan-Rygl Ato, piano, NJ
      Ezekiel Kumar-Law, piano, CA
      Fedor Kuznetsov, piano, Russia
      Fianna Ton. piano, MA
      Gabriela Zoe Chao, piano, CA
      Ginny Li, piano, CA
      Grace Butler, piano, IL
      Gwyneth Campbell, voice, NY
      Han Chen, piano, China
      Hanna Choi, piano, MA
      Hannah Zhang, piano, MD
      Hans Muller, piano, Germany
      Harlan Tsui, piano, CA
      Harrison Sturgeon, voice, MA
      Heidi Luo, piano, CA
      Isabel Mavrides, violin, NY
      Isabella Liu, piano, MA
      Isabelle Chong, piano, NY
      Ivanka Tarasyuk, piano, NJ
      Jacqueline Li, piano, CA
      Jacqueline Zhang, piano, MA
      James Qian, piano, CA
      Jason Liu, piano, piano, MD
      Jason Xie, piano, MA
      Jayden Maddela, piano, CA
      Jennifer Thompson, piano, CA
      Jennifer Zhang, piano, PA
      Jerry Fang, piano, PA
      Jessica Chen, piano, MA
      Jessica Shen, piano, PA
      Jiatong Zhang, piano, CA
      Jihyun Hong, piano, CA
      John Wu, violin, VA
      Jonathan Xu, piano, PA
      Joseph Tao, violin, MD
      Joshua Young, piano, CA
      Joya Wang, piano, MA
      Joyce Chen, piano, NY
      Julia Angelov, violin, DC
      Julia Hui, piano, MA
      Julia Raczkowski, voice, NY
      Julia Raspin, piano, NJ
      Julija Paskevicius, piano, PA
      Justin Gu, piano, MA
      Justin Li, piano, NJ
      Katelyn Heuer, piano, RI
      Katherine E Xu, piano, PA
      Katherine Fang, piano, PA
      Katherine Rex, piano, NY
      Katie Tian, piano, NY
      Katrina Villavert, piano, CA
      Kevin Wang, piano, CA
      Kimi Sturgeon, voice, MA
      Kristine Lai, piano, PA
      Lawrence Mi, violin, CA
      Leo Lee, piano, China
      leon Chen, piano, PA
      Leon Fan, piano, MA
      Lillian Wang, piano, CA
      Lucie Kim, piano, CA
      Lucy Lu, piano, MA
      Lynn Zhang, piano, PA
      Mabel Tang, piano, CA
      Maggie Chen, piano,
      Margaret Wu, piano, PA
      Maria Faleyev, piano, MA
      Mariya Nikitenko, piano, MD
      Matthew Wang, piano, NJ
      Matthew Yang, violin, VA
      May Dong, piano, MA
      Megan Auyeung, piano, CA
      Mei Dong, piano, China
      Melinda Xu, piano, PA
      Micha Hughes, violin, NY
      Michelle Chen, piano, MA
      Michelle Orloff, piano, NY
      Minju Kim, piano, CA
      Naomi Feldman, voice, NJ
      Natalie Zhang, piano, MA
      Nathan Nguyen, piano, CA
      Nathaniel Su, piano, MA
      Neelima R. Valluru, piano, CA
      Nikhil Poole, piano, CA
      Olivia Fang, piano, MA
      Onassa Sun, piano, CA
      Owen Wang, piano, MA
      Phillip Lo, piano, MA
      Rachel Chen, piano, MA
      Rachel Goldstein, piano, MA
      Rachel Guo, piano, CA
      Rachel Li, piano, MA
      Rebecca Chuang, piano, CA
      Rebecca Irlin, piano, NY
      Roberto Sivori, piano, Italy
      Ryan Kim, piano, CA
      Ryan Salman, piano, NJ
      Sabrina Xie, piano, MA
      Sarah Liang, piano, NJ
      Sarah Pulley, piano, RI
      Sarina Peng, piano, China
      Sarina Rao, piano, MA
      Selena Liu, piano, MA
      Serenna Semonsen, violin, VA
      Shannon Fan, piano, CA
      Shauna Jing, piano, MA
      Shidong Xu, piano, MA
      Shizhong Xu, piano, MA
      Shoo Li, piano, China
      Shray Tripanthi, violin, NJ
      Siddharth Arun, piano, MA
      Siddharth Chilluvuri, piano, NY
      Sitara Rao, piano, MA
      Somang Lindsey Yang, piano, CA
      Sophia Irlin, violin, NY
      Sophia Pentakalos, piano, VA
      Sophia Tang, piano, MA
      Stacey Chen, piano, CA
      Stephanie Ding, piano, NJ
      Stephanie Tian, piano, MA
      Stephanie Yu, piano, MA
      Steven Zhou, piano, CA
      Sunay Poole, piano CA
      Tamara Polyakova, piano, Russia
      Tiffany Jin Ye, piano, VA
      Tiffany Wang, piano, MA
      Tiffany Xu, piano, UT
      Tiffany Zhang, piano, VA
      Timothy Chen, piano, NJ
      Timothy Eng, piano, NY
      Tingyu Zhao, flute, MD
      Valerie Xu, piano, PA
      Vera Yang, piano, CA
      Veronica Li, piano, NJ
      Veronica Merrill, violin, VA
      Vinaya Roehrl, piano, NY
      Vincent Yao, piano, PA
      Vivian Lee, violin, NY
      Vivian Luo, piano, CA
      Vivien Zhu, piano, MD
      William Shabecoff, piano, CT
      Winne Luo, piano, MD
      Yang Lan Xu, violin, VA
      Yang Zhang, piano, China
      Yasha Ektefaie, piano, CA
      Yoo Jin Ahn, violin, MA
      Yuanzhi Qin, piano, CA
      Yufei Tian, piano, MA
      Zhao Yan Jing, piano, China
      Zoe Zhang, piano, MA


      Ensemble groups


      Andrew Liu, & Siddharth Arun, flute / piano duet, MA


      Isabel Mavrides & Daniel Lee, violin duet, NY


      Manuela Suhoy & Liat Klopouh, piano duet, MD


      Piano trio, NY


      Christine Ramirez, violin
      Ilana Grossman, cello
      Sherry Shi, piano


      Piano sextet, NJ


      Daniel Lee, violin
      Hae-in Seong, Cello
      Jay Garg, violin
      Lillian Chen, cello
      Vivian Huang, piano
      Winona Guo, piano


      Recital Fee: $250, which includes a Certificate of Excellence and 5 complimentary tickets. (the recital fee for ensembles is $190/person)
      Deadline is April 30, 2015.


      Please send all payments (check or money order) to:
      American Fine Arts Festival, P.O. Box 106, Holmdel, NJ 07733.


      Concert Dates:


      October 10, 2015 at 6:00pm


      Aaron Yang, piano, NJ
      Ana Luta, voice, VA
      Alex Li, piano, CA
      Alexia Gerogiannis, piano, MA
      Andrew Choy, piano, NY
      Anish Shiran, piano, NJ
      Annika Choudhory, piano, NJ
      Athena Sun, voice, MA
      Bobby Wang, piano, NJ
      Boris Evdokimov, piano, MA
      Carolin Gerber, piano, NY
      Chaewon Kim, violin VA
      Chong Li, piano, South Korea
      Christina Keller, NJ
      Christine Kong, piano, NY
      Christopher Wijaja, piano, NJ
      Cindy Liang, piano, NJ
      Clara Keller, piano, NJ
      Collin Vo, piano, MA
      Daria Sitinas, voice, NY
      Derek Qin, piano, PA
      Dina Nouaime, piano, PA
      Dongjoo Kim, violin, VA
      Elena Ivanova, piano, Russia
      Ella Sharkey, piano, NJ
      Eric Chen, piano, China
      Ethan Yan, violin, CA
      Eunice Ko, violin, CA
      Evan Liu, violin, MD
      Eve Sullivan, piano, NY
      Franklin Zhu, piano, CA
      Grace Van Metre, piano, MD
      Grant Li, piano, CA
      Isabella Denigris, piano, NJ
      Izabella An, piano, MA
      Jack Henschen, piano, MD
      James Lee, piano, China
      Jay Rana, piano, NJ
      Jean-Louis Guill, violin, VA
      Jessica Hao, piano, PA
      Jiaqi Fu, piano, CA
      Julia Evdokimov, piano, MA
      Julian Grant, violin, NJ
      Katerina Svetikov, piano, NY
      Katherine Li, piano, PA
      Katie Hudek, piano, MA
      Kevin Yang, piano, CA
      Lauren Landin, piano, CA
      Madelyn Pasuit, piano, NJ
      Makayla Oas, piano, CA
      Maria Brasoveano, piano, MA
      Maria Kalinichenko, piano, Russia
      Maya Arends, violin, NJ
      Mei Ling McDougall, piano, MA
      Melis Akinci, violin, VA
      Melody Qian, violin, MD
      Michael Kruppa, violin, VA
      Michaela Frey, violin, VA
      Nadege Harrison, piano, MD
      Naomi De Leon, piano, NJ
      Nicole Emily Eber, piano, NY
      Nicole Layo, piano, NJ
      Nidhi Bhatt, piano, NJ
      Nikolai Frolov, piano, Russia
      Rishan Hasan,piano, NJ
      Ronald Baraga, violin, VA
      Samantha Liu, piano, CA
      Sarah Young, piano, PA
      Sebastian Park, piano, MA
      Sophia Gerogiannis, piano, MA
      Sophia Li, piano, CA
      Stephan Stober, piano, NJ
      Trisha Choudhory, piano, NJ
      William Chao, violin, CA
      William Park, VA


      Ensemble Groups


      Alston Leung & Jeryl Ho & Andrew Simons, piano trio, NY


      Recital Fee: $230, which includes a Certificate of Excellence and 4 complimentary seats. (the recital fee for ensembles is $170/person)
      Deadline is April 30, 2015.


      Please send all payments (check or money order) to:
      American Fine Arts Festival, P.O. Box 106, Holmdel, NJ 07733.



      Alexander Izotov
      Alexandra Suhoy
      Alla Bell
      Alla Karasik
      Anastasia Hronis
      Andrew Park
      Andrew Zador
      Anna Poklewski
      Antoine Van Dongen
      Ariel Tzu I Yang
      Arlene Portney
      Bella, Hui-hsin Tseng
      Bengi Tasci
      Chen Zhao
      Dan Yin Liu
      Dea Baba
      Dmitri Nazarenko
      Dorothy Shi
      Dorothy Shorter
      Elena Arseniev
      Elena Makarova
      Erna Gulabyan
      Fan Li
      Galina Khutoryanski
      Galina Prilutskaya
      Grace Dunn
      Helena Vesterman
      Hsin-Lin Tsai
      Hui-Chen Chang
      Irena Caku
      Irina Koulikova
      Irina Prilipko-Morgan
      Iryna Gendina
      Jason Phu
      Jie Lu
      Jonathan Koh
      Joy Kiszely
      Kai Chi Zhu
      Kanako Koyama
      Katie Khannanova
      Katsura Tanikava
      Koo Kwok Ping
      Larissa Korkina
      Lawrence Schubert
      Leo Wang
      Lilit Bababyan
      Liliya Kasimova
      Liliya Kasimova
      Man-Mei Wu
      Margaita M. Gurevich
      Margarita Kotlyarova
      Maria Lyudko
      Marianna Benedict
      Marina Genina
      Marina Lo
      Marina Obukovsky
      Marta Bagratuni
      Michelle Cho
      Michelle Gunter
      Miranda Wu
      Mitsuko Ichimura
      Nadin Rich
      Namiq Sultanov
      Nana Gray
      Natalia Borodulin
      Natasha Agilina
      Nilly Epstein Shilo
      Ning Xiaoman Zhang
      Niva Fried
      Nonetta Snatakhtsian
      Noriko Yamaga
      Olga Chala
      Olga Khroulevitch
      Olga Lerner
      Olga Popova
      Paul Vazopolos
      Rania Saba
      Rinna Livshin
      Rita Mikulinsky
      Roland Schneller
      Ruzanna Akopjan
      Ruzanna Faramazyan
      Sandra Wright Shen
      Sheng-Hui Wu Chen
      Shigemi Nishite
      Stephen Erickson
      Sueanne Metz
      Suhui Yang
      Svetlana Gorokhovich
      Tatyana Abramova
      Tatiana Ishemova
      Valerie Henkin
      Vicky Wang
      Victoria Avetisyan
      Vivian Fang
      Wei-San Yue
      Xioman Zhang
      Yevgeniy Perebeyev
      Ying Wen Lewis
      Youngju Lee
      Yuliana Berlinskaya
      Zhanna Chernyakova



Vadim Repin International Master Class Scholarship Competition Winners.


As part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration we were very excited to announce that the world renowned violinist Vadim Repin has graciously agreed to lead a masterclass for AFAF students. At the conclusion of the masterclass Mr. Repin surprised us when he decided to graciously donate his entire honorarium to the scholarship fund and has selected not one, but two of the participants for the V. Repin Masterclass Scholarship! American Fine Arts Festival would like to congratulate Aaron-Timothy Chooi, who will receive a $3,000 scholarship, and Lindsey Jelin Lee, who will receive $2,000 scholarship. Both winners will have the opportunity to perform at the AFAF 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on May 18, 2013. …more




  • Aaron-Timothy Chooi, (b. 1993), Canada, Teacher Ida Kavafian;


Video: Aaron-Timothy Chooi, ♫ violin, Canada, performing Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28; Saint-Saens



  • Lindsey Jelin Lee, (b. 1998), South Korea

    Teacher’s: Yulee Choi, Aron Rosand


Video: Lindsey Jelin Lee, ♫ violin, South Korea , performing Wieniawski Concerto No.1 in F-sharp minor, Op. 14, mvt.1




Dear Friends,

This is our new email address: afafestival1@gmail.com
Please note that the old email address is no longer working.
Thank you for the understanding.

AFAF Staff


Upcoming Events


Audition dates:

NJ – February 22, 2015

NY – March 1, 2015

MA – March 7, 2015

CA (La Puente) – April 5, 2015

CA (Palo Alto) – April 11, 2015


Deadlines 2015


All applications for in-person auditions (NY, MA, NJ) must be postmarked no later than February 2, 2015.

All applications for in-person auditions (CA, China) must be postmarked no later than March 2, 2015.

AFAF Summer in Europe, all applications must be postmarked no later than March 2, 2015.

If auditioning by mail, applications and audition DVDs must be postmarked no later than March 20, 2015.

AFAF Romantic Music Competition: applications and audition DVDs must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2015.